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I am very grateful that I chose over anyone else! All of my questions were answered the very first time I contacted customer service. The service is the best, and spot on with my personal plan to get back on track with my finances. When I did a web search I was very skeptical at first but after reading some of the reviews on this site, and getting a warm reception from their customer support staff I knew I was in the right place.

I have been fighting credit card debt for years and paying the minimum balance just wasn’t cutting it for me especially when I went to the bank to get a home loan. The banker told me I had to eliminate credit card debt, and seek out help with a credit advisor and raise my credit score if I were to ever receive a home loan.

Ever since my first consultation I started going through the advice of that I received and within 1 month my score rose 20 points which is exactly what I need to get close to a 700 score. After a short period of time I watched how the team started to eliminate negative marks off my credit report one by one, and now I’m very close to reapplying for that home loan I have been dreaming about for years.

If there ever is a skeptical person like me that doesn’t think this works, well I am living proof that it does and couldn’t be more happier and healthier than ever before. I have started to feel good about myself again and the debt monster is not looming over my every thought as I go throughout the day. One more thing if I may add is the professionalism of the staff and the way thy felt like I was human and not a loser like some in the banking industry made me feel when I applied for the home loan.

I know now I can walk into the bank with my head held high, and I am actually looking forward the look on my bankers face when they actually pull up my credit scores from all three credit bureaus. There is not a price tag that you can put on this great service I wish I would have used your service years ago. I am free from debt and worries, and I cannot thank you enough!



Every investment carries its own risks, and annuities are no different. However, the types of risks involved in annuities depend on the types of annuities involved. There are also ways within some annuity contracts to mitigate these risks. If you are considering investing in annuities, it is important to understand what types are available as well as the risks involved.

Fixed annuities are the least risky type. With a fixed annuity, the contract guarantees that your money will grow at a guaranteed minimum rate, usually 3 percent. The company is able to make this guarantee because it invests your money in bonds, which are generally conservative investments. When it is time to receive payments from this type of annuity, the company guarantees that whatever amount you settled on will be available. The risk, however, is that the payments that you agreed on might not buy as much as you thought that they would. This is because the safe, guaranteed 3 percent growth on a fixed rate annuity is not enough to keep up with inflation, which varies between 3.6 percent and 3.9 percent each year If you are planning to use an annuity to save for retirement, it is important to keep this in mind.

Variable annuities are not for the risk averse. With this type of annuity, there are no guarantees. The funds are invested more aggressively in the stock market, which can go up or down. Because the company cannot guarantee the annuity’s growth, it also cannot guarantee your payments. When these annuities do well, they do very well, often yielding interest rates in the 9 to 12 percent range. However, when they fair poorly, this could mean bad news for you because dips in the market could mean that your annuity is not even worth what you put into it

Because of the potential for the market to negatively affect your investments, many annuity contracts come with what is known as a bailout clause. This means that while withdrawing the annuity early usually incurs surrender fees, if the market performs poorly and endangers your investment, you can withdraw the money without penalties.

The risks of investing in annuities are an important reason to make sure that you diversify your investments for retirement. If you have more than twenty years left to retire and plan to keep your investments for that long, then you can probably afford to invest in both types of annuities. The guaranteed growth and payout of a fixed annuity means that you can be assured of the income that you will receive when the time comes. The potential growth of a variable annuity means having some extra income in case of inflation. It is a good idea to talk with a financial adviser before making any investment decisions.